Sustaining the Future, One Project at a Time

At MBM Groundworks, we prioritize sustainability and strive to minimize our impact on the environment in every project we undertake. We recognize the importance of maintaining eco-friendly practices while delivering the highest quality services to our clients. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in all aspects of our business, from compliance with current legislation to our continuous efforts in exceeding environmental goals and targets.

We acknowledge that our daily operations have an impact on the environment and we are dedicated to reducing this impact at every opportunity. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with our clients to develop the most efficient and environmentally responsible methods for our work.

Environmental Stewardship

Our commitment to environmental stewardship involves reducing the impact of our business on air, water, land, and communities, while contributing positively to biodiversity and respecting cultural heritage. Our Environmental Management System, accredited to ISO 14001:2004, ensures that we consistently assess our projects based on the principles of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” to minimize waste.

Resource Efficiency

We promote resource efficiency by actively encouraging a circular economy and the efficient use of finite natural resources. Our practices include conserving water, designing waste out of our processes, and reusing and recovering materials whenever possible. By using recycled and secondary materials from other industries, we become a net user of waste, utilizing more waste than we generate.

Recycling and Use of Recycled Materials

We seize every opportunity to recycle and reuse waste, with landfill disposal as a last resort. Our recycling efforts result in 98% of all waste generated being recycled. We use high-quality recycled aggregates from our own sites for concrete mixing and Type 1 aggregate production. Our asphalt production also utilizes a Waste and Resources Action Plan (WRAP) to minimize our environmental impact.

Sustainable Procurement

Our Sustainable Green Procurement Policy aligns with the Mayor of London’s Green Procurement Code. We prioritize purchasing recyclable and eco-friendly products that meet required standards and are financially viable. All staff authorized to procure on behalf of MBM Groundworks are provided with our Sustainable Green Procurement guidelines to encourage sustainable resource usage in purchasing decisions.

Climate Change and Energy Management

We adopt a comprehensive approach to energy and greenhouse gas management, encompassing materials, operations, transportation, in-use performance, and end-of-life recycling or disposal. Our investments in energy and carbon-efficient technologies, waste-derived fuels, renewable energy sources, and responsible supply chain and logistics management contribute to reducing the embodied carbon in our products.

Fleet and Transport

To reduce pollutant emissions, we utilise electric vehicles and equipment whenever possible. For our diesel fleet, we use Adblue as an additive to reduce Nitrous Oxides (NOx) and Particles over 10 microns (PM10) emissions. All LGVs and plant are fueled by Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD).

Visual Impact and Public Engagement

At MBM Groundworks, we strive to minimize the visual impact of our construction activities on local communities. We limit on-site storage of construction materials and transport them on an as-needed basis. We actively communicate with local residents and businesses regarding our work programs, providing advance notice, explaining the impact of our work, and outlining the measures we take to minimise disruptions.



Why Choose us


 Although getting projects finished as quickly as possible we do not sacrifice the quality of workmanship for speed. This is a value that our company is built upon and refined over many years. 


The health and safety of all the MBM staff, clients and the general public are paramount. We take every measure and precaution necessary to ensure that all our projects are met with the highest safety standards.


Drawing on many years of experience in the groundworks industry. We have managed to create and process and strategy that has been perfected over time to provide the best possible workmanship.