Health & Safety Philosophy

“Creating a Culture of Safety and Well-being”

MBM Groundworks has an unwavering commitment to health and safety, which is at the core of everything we do. We believe that a safe work environment is not just a regulatory requirement but a fundamental right for all our employees, contractors, and clients. Our approach to safety is proactive, focusing on creating a culture of awareness and prevention where the well-being of every individual is paramount.

Policies & Procedures

"Upholding the Highest Safety Standards"

We maintain rigorous health and safety policies, aligned with industry best practices and legal requirements. Our comprehensive safety protocols include:

  1. Detailed risk assessments and management plans for each project.
  2. Strict adherence to safety regulations and guidelines.
  3. Regular training and updates on safety procedures for all staff.
  4. Implementation of emergency response and incident management systems.
  5. Continuous monitoring and improvement of our safety practices.


Training & Resources


Extensive safety induction programs for new hires


Ongoing health and safety training sessions.


Access to safety manuals, resources, and best practice guides.


Workshops on the latest safety innovations and technologies.


Opportunities for feedback and engagement on safety matters

Health & Well-being Initiatives

“Supporting Our People Beyond Safety”

Recognising that health and well-being extend beyond physical safety, we offer:

Programs and resources for mental health and stress management.

Regular health check-ups and wellness initiatives For Employees

Ergonomic assessments and adjustments for a safer work environment.

Initiatives for work-life balance and employee support services.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

“Supporting Our People Beyond Safety”

We’re dedicated to continuously enhancing our health and safety protocols. This includes:

Regular audits and reviews of our safety systems.

Investing in cutting-edge safety equipment and technology.

Actively seeking feedback from employees to improve our practices.

Staying updated with industry developments and emerging risks.



Why Choose us


 Although getting projects finished as quickly as possible we do not sacrifice the quality of workmanship for speed. This is a value that our company is built upon and refined over many years. 


The health and safety of all the MBM staff, clients and the general public are paramount. We take every measure and precaution necessary to ensure that all our projects are met with the highest safety standards.


Drawing on many years of experience in the groundworks industry. We have managed to create and process and strategy that has been perfected over time to provide the best possible workmanship.